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Adventure Rangers

Adventurers from the past include men like Christopher Columbus, who sailed west into uncharted waters to get to India and discovered the American continents; Nicolaus Copernicus, who developed a new theory about the arrangement of our universe; and Jedidiah Strong Smith, who explored the wilds of America's western frontier. These are men who inspire us all to probe and expand our horizons.

As Adventure Rangers, sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade young men have the chance to do as these men. A Ranger is one who explores new frontiers, so the Adventure Ranger will explore new areas as he learns the history of Royal Rangers and takes advantage of opportunities for the future.

As an Adventure Ranger, a young man will experience growth in four ways:

1. Physically: Their bodies will grow strong through proper exercise and diet.
2. Spiritually: Their spirits will grow strong through prayer, Bible study and witnessing.
3. Mentally: Their minds will grow strong by reading, studying, and memorizing Scripture passages.
4. Socially: Their relationships with people will grow strong by learning how to treat them.